Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have a nasty little article to write for tomorrow. Something I'm not at all happy to have to do. Writing about global warming in an even-handed way is going to be tough no matter what tactics I use.

I have a good five or six articles to write this morning before deadline. Not as bad as yesterday turned out to be, but hopefully I'll get done with more than 5 minutes to spare, unlike yesterday. A lot depends on whether or not my coaches have put up their information.

The kitten is restless, and has become a literal ankle-biter. We keep telling him "NO!" but he's not getting the picture. Anyone know how to discourage a kitten who is in the equivalent of his teenage years from biting? He doesn't break the skin or even bite hard, but it's worrying.

The heat has been draining me the last two days. It's not even "hot" by local standards, but it came on suddenly enough I haven't been able to adjust. It is supposed to be in the low 70s today with rain. Days like these make me miss Seattle.


Roger Owen Green said...

Re global warming, I recommend some of the points here:

Anonymous said...

Squirting the kitten with a water pistol or spray bottle might discourage biting.

Anonymous said...

If the kitten is not biting hard enough to break skin, he is probably just playing. Cats are predators and their instinct is to hunt and attack. Giving him toys that he can hunt and bite (e. g. toy mice under furniture) might help. The aspca website may have some useful advice.

Eric TF Bat said...

On the global warming article: ask yourself if you'd have the same trouble writing an even-handed article about gravity. On the one side, you have science, coherent and consistent observations of reality over a long period of time demonstrating a clear and unambiguous fact, ie that things fall downward when you drop them. On the other side you have, presumably, people who believe that things only fall because of pixies with invisible vacuum cleaners. Would you give equal time to the scientists and the pixiologists in your report? No? Why not? Because the science deserves more respect than the crackpots. That's not unfair; it's entirely fair. Giving time to the people who believe ridiculous and unsupportable things is not even-handed, it's just political cowardice.