Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wednesday already?

I meant to post daily. Ha. When you write for a living, it gets hard to write for a blog.

I'm trying to teach myself Gregg shorthand. I tried some time ago and didn't get too far, but now I've got a really good reason to learn it. I cannot count the number of times I've been in an interview and thought "I really need to know shorthand so I can get this down a little faster." So I'm working at it, and have got into the first lesson and am already a little confused. But there is actually quite a bit of help available online, so I will use what I can find and hope for the best. At least I'm really really motivated now.

I figure it will take me at least a year to learn it, based on what I'm reading. Maybe my motivation will help, but it doesn't sound like something that can be rushed.

Inkwell is getting bigger. He's at 9 pounds now, and getting really annoying. He has woken me up at about 3:45 a.m. the last two nights. For his troubles he's been ejected from the bedroom. And he loves attacking my ankles. He's literally an ankle-biter.

Inky also likes playing catch in the morning. He brings me one of his toys and drops it at my feet, then waits for me to grab it. Whenever possible he tries to get some blood while I'm retrieving the toy. Then I toss the toy across the room and Inkwell attacks it as quickly as he can manage and then, after subduing it properly, brings it back to drop at my feet. Admittedly, he only does this a half dozen times before getting bored with it, but it's still fun when it happens.

I haven't got a topic for my next column yet, and it's due tomorrow, so I need to come up with *something*. Ah, deadlines. I do love the swooshing sound they make as they fly by, but the heavy slap on the back of the head I could do without.


Anonymous said...

Our DVM suggested that when the cat bites, walk away and ignore him. Hopefully, after a few times, he will learn that biting = time out.