Saturday, July 07, 2012


I've started to shut down commenting on posts older than a year, and maybe even just stuff older than a month. It's going to be a piecemeal process because Blogger doesn't seem to have a universal way of updating all the 5,000+ posts on this blog by date, so I can't just reset them all to disallow new comments at once. And with over 5,000 posts... well, I don't like going through and updating one by one, but that seems to be what I'll have to do.

Maybe that will stop the avalanche of spam I get, maybe it won't. A lot of it is posted on older posts. They still won't get through my moderation, but whenever someone attempts to post spam on an older post I'll update that post to reject new comments.

I'm hoping that after almost a year at my "new" job, I can start to re-balance my life and get back to a little light blogging, a little light Aquaman fan stuff and maybe some other stuff that fell by the wayside while I learned how to be a reporter.


Roger Owen Green said...

Especially Aquaman.

Dwight Williams said...

Wondering if I should do a similar shutdown re: my own Blogger/Blogspot postings. I don't have the attempted spam problem these days at LJ due to moderation schemes in place, thankfully.