Thursday, October 04, 2012

It's tea season!

I tend to drink water (Propel or water with True Lemon in it) over the summer, and herbal tea over the winter. I know winter is coming when I start getting cravings for the tea.

Today I got tea, and it wasn't the way I usually go about it.

I headed off to the high school just before 7 a.m., not realizing it was nearly freezing outside, since I get into my car in my garage. When I got out of my car at the high school, wearing my usual work clothes I instantly turned into an reporter-cicle. Ok, maybe not that bad, but I was very aware of just how cold it was.

After the meeting, I went to work and saw the bank temps reading 34 degrees. Yikes.

Anyway, once I was at work I was fine, but man I was wishing I'd brought a hot cocoa or something with me to the meeting at the high school. As I sat there thinking about it after I'd finished my deadline stuff, my co-worker's boyfriend came into the office with coffee and donuts for her.

One of the local coffee shops has started to sell mini-donuts, and he told me they had just introduced two new flavors. Chocolate with sprinkles and maple glazed. My mouth watered, and I realized I never got a proper breakfast this morning. So I headed out the door and visited the coffee shop to get some mini-donuts.

Now, people who know me well know I don't even like the smell of coffee, so you can imagine I must be driven to enter a coffee shop. Once I was in there getting the donuts they asked if I wanted anything to drink and I was confidently saying, "no, I don't drink coffee," when I noticed a box of herbal tea behind the counter and realized that I wanted nothing more in the world at that moment than donuts and herbal tea. So yeah, I got myself a drink at the coffee shop.

So I got back to work with a half-dozen mini-donuts, three chocolate with sprinkles and three maple-glazed with bacon bits. I had my raspberry tea and it helped soothe my sore throat considerably. And when I got home for lunch the first thing I did was find my travel mug and heat up some water for another dose of tea. I have a few boxes left from last winter to use up, I have no doubt I'll get through them fast.

I noticed this afternoon that we have a freeze warning here in the valley. So it's official, it's tea season again.