Saturday, October 06, 2012

Sick all week

I've been living on DayQuil all week, being pretty sick since Saturday night. I've been going full-speed despite the sick, but I've completely dried out my hands with sanitizer and I've avoided shaking anyone's hands.

So this morning I slept in. A long time, for me. I was woken at some point by the cat begging for breakfast, but Eric took care of that. He woke me up later because the power was off and he wanted to tell me. The cat also came along to provide his own editorials about it. It was a surprisingly pleasant Saturday morning.

Well, after Eric and I were both up and moving around, we called a friend (thank you, JW!) and finally got rid of the bed. Two guys wrestled it down the stairs onto the back of a pick-up, and then they loaded up a bunch of other junk and took Eric with them down to the dump to get rid of the things. The big problem at the moment is the new bed isn't due until later in the week, so we'll be camping for a few days in our own home.

So, I'm almost ready for work tomorrow... and then I remembered it's only Saturday and started to feel even better. The bad news is that Eric is really sick at the moment. Yeah, he apparently caught it from me. He's pretty annoyed at me.

I need a nap, but now there's no bed. Hrm.


Roger Owen Green said...

typhoid Tegan

Dwight Williams said...

To speedier recovery!

*virtual tea toast*