Thursday, October 18, 2012

Orange Collar?

I'm not the type to dress up a cat for Hallowe'en, but seeing as Inkwell is a black cat, I wish I could find a good orange collar for him to wear that day.

His everyday purple collar is a Hamilton Adjustable Break-A-Way Safety Cat Collar that I'm very satisfied with (after I removed the bell). And he looks nicely striking in purple against his black fur.

But for Hallowe'en, I'd love an orange collar. Maybe with little bats on it. Pity Hamilton doesn't seem to make orange collars in that style. *sigh*


David Oakes said...

Maybe you can get him into some sort of cat Work Release program.

Anonymous said...

A few minutes of Googling led me to this:

Description says it is breakaway.

Anonymous said...

Oh! And then there is this one from Etsy!