Sunday, October 14, 2012

Doctor Inkwell

So, I've been sick. Probably the worst day for me was Thursday, actually. Sometime in the morning I started getting a headache which just got worse and worse. When I went home for lunch, instead of feeding the cat and getting food for myself, I just kicked off my shoes and lay down on the new bed.

Inkwell the cat came up and did some kitty massage and purr therapy, helping me drift off into an unfortunately timed sleep. About two hours later, Dr. Inkwell woke me up to feed him. Yelling various words, I got back to work after feeding the fuzzy alarm clock. Fortunately, my work for the day was already mostly done and I got back fast enough to not get yelled at.

Because I still had a bad headache and would be working more that evening, the editor told me to go home again. This time I set the alarm, instead of relying on Inkwell. And again, Dr. Inkwell came up and gave me purr therapy and a kitty massage while I rested.

Later on in the evening, after I'd told Eric about what had happened, Inky settled himself on my chest. Eric asked if I was getting a cat scan. And now, whenever the cat wanders into the room, Eric asks if he's doing his rounds.


Jared said...

That's all well and good, but is he certified?

David Oakes said...

See, all you need for health care is a couple of chickens!

Roger Owen Green said...

my question, too. what's the penalty for practicing medicine without a license in Washington state?