Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ways to make David Banner angry (so he turns into the Incredible Hulk). Based, of course, on the TV show.

I'd like to find a massive chunk of gold, but I don't have a metal detector and I don't live in Australia.

A simple card trick. The comments even explain why it works.

I was surprised at some of the 14 TV series that usurped their original film versions. I knew a lot of them, but some... nope.

I can just imagine this cat thinking, ok, you got your pictures, ha ha, now get me out!

The story behind Rubber Duckie.

Another website that lists free Kindle books. This one isn't too bad.

School vouchers being used to illegally teach religion. Look, I have no problem with Christianity and belief in the Bible's creation story, but I DO have a problem when you try to replace science with it. Creationism is religion and belongs in church, or in philosophy class if you must put it in school. It isn't science and cannot replace science. And, if you are smart, Christianity doesn't even conflict with science.


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