Saturday, February 16, 2013

Late Linkdump

I meant to post this yesterday, sorry. I guess I'm running a little late...

Have some time to kill? Check out the best supervillain musical numbers of all time.

I want to try to make the Octopizza Pie, but with olives instead of pepperoni pieces for the suckers (because I don't like pepperoni). It certainly looks like a fun meal.

Octopizza Pie

Want a legal copy of a really old song, but can't find it? Boing Boing reports that Vinyl Vault is attempting to fix the problem, but in the process may run up against copyright nonsense.

Here's an odd commentary on jailbreaking smartphones.

Five staples of the legal system that don't work, including police line-ups and lie detection training.

George Takei tells us about an unsung hero during WWII.

Ok, here's my thing about the gun control debate. I don't want guns banned. But I want us to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of true nutters and idiots. Which means some level of control. Once upon a time, the vast majority of gun owners agreed with that point of view. Things have changed, for the worse. But we could go back to sanity if we wanted. Heck, we could even go somewhere entirely different. But we should not stay where we're at today and we should stop listening to extremists on both sides of the issue.