Monday, February 04, 2013

Thoughts on the Big Game

The only reason I was rooting for the Ravens is the literary reference in the mascot name. So, I didn't really care who won. I just wanted a good game. In the end, that's what we got. I was able to get worked up about the game after the long power outage delay when the Niners had their comeback. I was very surprised by the fake punt at the end and the safety, but I understand the reasoning.

As for the ads, nothing really sticks out for me. I enjoyed the Gangnam style jumps the shark ad, and the horsey ad was good as it often is. I can't really remember much else. Certainly no ads that will be classics.

Best part for me, by far, was the power outage. The response online was magnificent, and the sheer joy of watching people in the stadium deal with something completely unexpected was awesome. I look forward to more conspiracy theories about it. Ought to end up being a Fortean event in some ways.

Overall, I enjoyed watching it, which I wasn't expecting. Now, let's just get the Seahawks back into the big game... one in which the refs haven't been bribed to make calls for the other team.