Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sick Cat

Well, not really.

He's had some complications with his cat herpes in the form of conjunctivitis for some time. We're working on making that feel better for him. But I took him to the vet yesterday for his vaccine updates and a check up, and his lungs are clear and his weight is good (yah! we know how much to feed him!).

Last night he cuddled up on my lap and would NOT leave, except to eat. Then he didn't follow us up to bed. I thought nothing of it, I was tired and got to sleep quickly, but I assumed he was just doing his usual bedtime routine of running around the house like a herd of elephants, attacking everything downstairs that might make a sound. If he did, I didn't hear it because I was totally zonked.

Well, this morning he didn't come in the bedroom to wake me up. I thought that was odd, but when I woke up a little more I saw that hubby-Eric had closed the door. Then, as I woke up, Eric told me that he'd fed Inkwell, but Inkwell hadn't really seemed very enthusiastic about it.

So I was a little concerned, but when I opened the door he was on the landing, looking at me mournfully. And he followed me down the stairs. Only, his food dish was full and untouched. He hadn't even started on it. I was very surprised, since usually he's a little vacuum. I gave him a little kibble and watched him, and he noticed his wet food and ate it. Grudgingly, it appeared. He was moving a bit stiffly, but as long as I was right there he was willing to eat.

I started breakfast for us humans, and when I looked up again he was in my chair in the living room watching the TV I had turned on. Normally he doesn't sit in my chair unless my lap is there to sit on. And he pretty much ignores the TV. I finished making breakfast and called Eric down, and went to see if Inkwell would move when I came over.

Nope. He was firmly planted in my chair. And since it is obvious he's hurting a bit from the shots, I decided I didn't want to risk hurting him more by picking him up. So I pulled up another chair and sat next to him to eat breakfast, watch TV and do my morning 'netting. He curled up into a catball and fell asleep. Eventually he got up and walked around a little bit, very stiffly. I went up for my shower, and when I came down he was curled up in the chair I pulled up so I wouldn't disturb him, so I'm back in my usual chair.

Thinking how my body reacts to shots, I'm sure he won't feel his normal self until late tonight or tomorrow morning. At the moment I'm treating him really gently, not picking him up and only stroking his head, where I know he didn't get poked with a needle. He's already more alert than a few hours ago, so I think he's starting to recover. I feel sad that he's hurting, but vaccines are important, even for kitty. Better a little pain now than rabies down the line.

He's not going to be happy with me later, though. While at the vet's I picked up some animal-safe shampoo. Yes, I'm going to try to give the poor guy a bath. But I'll probably wait until it's at least safe to pick him up.