Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Doctor Who: "Cold War" - Well... that was something different for the Big Bad in this episode. I don't recall them ever coming out of their shell like that. I happen to really like this particular bad guy. The setting made for a tense little drama as well. Any time you have people trapped in a small place with something they think is a monster... well. Again, I didn't find this episode to be strong on story. It's like we're getting a bunch of very basic plots so far this year. I want some more twisty and interesting plots again. I have high hopes for the next episode: Ghost Hunting!

  • Young Justice: "Before the Dawn" - Oh Megan. This is way more disturbing than any other event in this series so far. I didn't realize her talk with Superboy was so much of a set-up. Whew. I wonder what comes next.
  • Young Justice: "Cornered" - Hard to not feel a bit sorry for Jaime now that he knows what he knows. But what will Nightwing have to say to Megan?
  • Young Justice: "True Colors" - I like this new guy. But I was left in suspense as far as the status of Megan. Unfortunately, Kaldur is about to suffer... and if he suffers, someone else is in danger too.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Mar 6th
  • Superman Family Adventures #10 - Great, now I'm craving a hot dog. And the end... a cliffhanger? In this book? That's new.
  • Powers: Bureau #2 - Wow, gross to the max. Why do I like this book so much? Good writing goes a long way, I guess.
  • Earth 2 #10 - Still trying to wrap my head around this one, but I like Jay's mother. Hope she makes it out alive. Superhero books have an annoying tendency to kill of spouses, parents and children of the heroes to create pathos.
  • World's Finest #10 - I'm definitely missing a couple of references in this one. I don't know if I want to figure it all out.
  • Green Lantern #18 - Freaky and stylish.
  • Smallville Season 11 #11 - Ok, I really want to see how the black racer story ends... and the bit with Tess... and the Earth 2 version of Chloe... I guess I'm actually interested in this universe again. *sigh*
  • Road to Oz #6 - The party at the end of the book! Lots of neat guest appearances in this one. I would love to see Skottie Young's version of Scraps.

  • Mar 13th
  • Green Lantern Corps #18 - The torture of John Stewart, Green Lantern, along with Fatality or whatever her name is now. Ug.
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series #12 - So if we destroy our planet, it'll come after us? Strange issue.
  • Saucer Country #13 - That final page has me going in a different direction than I expected, and I'm really very extremely pleased with it.
  • Doctor Who Classics V5 #1 - Um, not my favorite run of the comics. In fact, I didn't like these two stories much at all. Oh well, hopefully it'll get better.
  • Hoax Hunters #8 - This would really make absolutely no sense at all if I hadn't read previous issues. As it is, this issue raises some interesting questions about the series. Hrm.
  • Spongebob Comics #18 - Bah, no Mermaid Man.

Fortean Times #291
Fortean Times #291 (September 2012). My first response to the cover was to laugh at it. The concept of giant jellyfish being the UFOs that people see seems to come right out of a comic book. But the article is surprisingly compelling, even if the concept is still so unlikely as to be ridiculous. It's more reasonable than aliens from other planets, but that doesn't mean it's reasonable. While I still tend to believe UFOs are some sort of natural phenomena, this is one theory I'll keep an eye on.

Another article is about ancient Greek healing temples, where supplicants slept and their dreams supposedly healed them. The writer references another writer who traveled to two such places and found that people in the area tended to have disturbing dreams, and wanted to study the coincidence further. The third article is about people who have visions of the afterlife when they are very sick, and is the second part of a two part series. It focuses on a particular case of a child who was deathly ill at age four and when he got better started to talk about seeing heaven.

Strangedays has a bit on the Millennium Falcon of the seabed, still with no proof of anything strange, but now with a motive. There's also a story of a leftover photo in a polaroid camera and more on *shudder* cannibals. Reminder to self: do not eat before reading Fortean Times. There's also a set of Fortean Follow-ups, one revisiting the Marco Polo debate with evidence, in the form of economic details not seen elsewhere, that Polo did make his famous travels.

The 2012 Watch has both profiteers making a buck off people's fear and a new archaeology discovery of Mayan calendars with dates as far as 7,000 years into the future. So much for the 2012 theories. Ghostwatch is about mass hunts for ghosts. Konspiracy Korner is about the Bilderberg conference and continuing conspiracy theories surrounding it. Britian's X-Files continues to sift through declassified documents looking for gems, and finds the latest info dump includes the author's own freedom of information requests. Fortean Traveller visits Angor Wat. Illustrated Police News is about the Hackney Ghost.

Archeology is all about bones. First, skeletons found with evidence of anti-vampire rituals having been done to them. The second is about an out-of-place skull found in Florida. Classical Corner is about giants and not-so-giant people in ancient times, and the concept that we are taller than our ancestors. Alien Zoo announces a new peer-reviewed journal of cryptozoology and a DNA database, along with a couple of planned expeditions and recent sightings. The Fortean Dictionary is about spirit photos, and has a couple of lovely faked spirits that people photographed in the earlier days of photography.

Blasts from the Past is about a crocodile hunt in an unusual spot in Australia. The Forum has one article that discusses the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Another article talks about the "Gospel of Barnabas" that Iranians claimed would cause the downfall of Christianity, which obviously didn't happen. The reviews had a surprise perfect 10 for a Doctor Who book, "Love and Monsters" by Miles Booy. Letters were fascinating, as always. And I love the It Happened to Me letters. Always gives me some chills. Another good issue of the best magazine available.

For reference, I order my copy through IMS News, not Zinio, because I still prefer to read some things in paper form, and this magazine is one of them.