Saturday, April 13, 2013

Moving to Feedly

I've never been entirely satisfied with Google Reader, but it was a nice solid RSS feed reader that let me keep up with a lot of websites pretty easily. So I was a little disappointed when Google announced they are closing it down. The search for a replacement started immediately for me, and I eventually settled with Feedly because they actually SYNC with Google Reader, meaning *all* of my links would remain intact.

In addition, the keyboard shortcuts I have gotten used to with Google Reader are available on Feedly, as is the "Title only" view I use in Google Reader.

So I've made the switch, and I'm learning more about the various aspects of Feedly, including an index of every RSS feed I'm subscribed to that makes it easy to go through and delete all the ones that haven't been updated for more than a year.

Overall, I'm pleased. I may eventually even move on from the title only view to one of the more exciting views. And there's a halfway decent Android app as well. So... it appears I have a new feed reader.