Tuesday, June 04, 2013


As I headed home today, another car got right on my tail. He revved his engine and rode my exhaust down a quiet residential street. I drove about the speed limit, 25, and only went that fast because I was being tailgated.

Then I got to a corner where there is a stop sign. Now, a lot of people don't actually stop at this particular stop sign because the road it goes onto sort of goes into a dead end. Sure, there are a couple of houses down that way, but a lot of people just roar through the stop sign.

I stopped, and looked toward the dead end. I noticed a cop sitting there and thought, good, about time they monitor this corner. I then checked for oncoming traffic and then made the turn, away from the dead end, toward home.

Right behind me roared the tailgater.

And right behind him after a moment were the flashing lights of the cop.

I made the turn to my house, ready to pull over if the cop followed me, but he followed the tailgater and I saw the guy pull over and the cop stop.

I couldn't help but grin as I pulled into my driveway. Sometimes the cops actually get the idiots.


Roger Owen Green said...

That guy was an a$$hole.

Tegan said...

On the one hand, yeah, he was. On the other hand, so many people pull the same crap I try to let it just flow around me and ignore it most of the time. I just make sure I'm driving safely and not getting hit, and let the idiots deal with their own consequences.

In this case, the idiot got what was coming to him in a very timely manner. Not what usually happens, but enough to restore some of my faith in the universe.