Monday, December 29, 2014

Evening Thoughts

First up, a link: Breaking Cat News Christmas Special: Part Eight (conclusion). If you missed it, start here and just keep clicking next to read the whole thing. That final panel... I think some dust got in my eye again.

It wasn't really a long day at work today. Work is kind of loose right now due to the holiday. It's not easy to get stuff to fill pages when school is out, none of the service groups are meeting and all the school board and city council meetings are done for the year. Even the school sports are sparse. I managed to get all my writing for tomorrow AND Wednesday done this morning, even a column.

My dentist just retired. I offered to go to his retirement party for a co-worker who had been assigned to take a standalone photo at it, just to make sure I wouldn't get lazy and not attend. It was fun. And good food, too. But I really need some serious protein soon. My body is starting to get over-sugared.

Not a lot else to report from here. I've been watching Campion on Amazon Prime and enjoying it. Also catching up on comic books. Having few/no evening meetings means much more time.

We expected to get snow yesterday, but instead it rained a little and maybe flurried a tiny bit this morning, then bright sunshine this afternoon. Right now there's a nasty cold wind blowing that makes it feel considerably colder outside than it really is. No idea if the snow will materialize or not. The weather prediction seems to be changing every three hours.

Inkwell spotted the neighbor cat in the yard today. It was chowing down on a bird, and I think Inkwell was extremely jealous. So I pulled out Inkwell's harness and put it on him, then took him out into the freezing cold wind. The neighbor cat took off immediately and Inkwell attempted to get back inside immediately. I picked Inkwell up and checked out what the cat was eating... euw. Then a car came up the street and Inkwell nearly clawed my shirt off trying to get away from it. I quickly got him back inside. He's a true scaredy-cat.

I didn't put many Christmas decorations up, but what got put up is still there. I need to find a 3-way bulb for a lamp before I take down the tree. I wanted to get an LED bulb, but I haven't been able to find one I thought was worth the price, based on reviews.

Ok, need to figure out what's for dinner. Hopefully, I will write again tomorrow.


Dwight Williams said...

I envy you. Whatever farewell festivities my previous dentist had in his honour, I managed to miss them all. One visit, he was there, and the next, it was a new guy and it was as if I was starting over.