Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More Links

Pepsi to stop using aspartame. Well, it won't get me to drink Pepsi, but it's nice to know that somebody is dropping that stuff. It tastes awful. I don't know how people can stand it. Yuck.

A hiker catches the start of a volcanic eruption. Yikes.

Hubby-Eric says he wants this book. Ok.

My former local PBS station, KCTS-9, has laid off most of its production staff. Yikes.

Pasta sauce so good you'll lose your head.

So apparently all the dinosaur toys we played with as children were actually of plucked dinos.

Like a good neighbor... State Farm ad fan fiction.

Why most "vaccine injuries" aren't actually vaccine related at all.

White Privilege is not generally something we notice... it's like being a fish underwater, we just live in it and don't think about it. Boing Boing has a cartoon that tries to explain it. It can't succeed, not fully, because there will always be people who say, "Well, I never benefited that way!" not understanding that it's more than just that. Still, I found the cartoon useful. Maybe somebody else will, too. I also found this article about reparations to be an excellent source of understanding the problem more fully. There's a lot that happened, and is still happening, that I was and am ignorant about. At the least, I hope to reduce my ignorance before talking about the subject.

Lastly... A video that's sort of Doctor Who related, as far as I'm concerned (hint: Gridlock). Plus I just like well-done hymns.