Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Linkdump

Cliff Mass has photos that explain why you shouldn't stand under a tree in a lightning storm. Better to get a little wet, yeah?

One of the nastiest pieces of malware out there is the ransomware... it locks your computer's files and won't free them unless you pay the criminals. Apparently, Kaspersky thinks they've cracked the encryption.

Savage Chickens looks at the Fourth Doctor's hair. Um. Ok.

It is slightly amazing to me how recently the theory of plate tectonics came onto the scene. But then I read this story and I'm just furious at men who say stupid things like "girl talk" about serious scientific discoveries. Argh. Seriously, all this misogyny is holding the world back.

I remember hearing about NetHack back in the day... this article makes me glad I didn't try it, because it sounds like I'd still be playing it.

The new look for the Joker? No, I'm not a fan. It just seems over-the-top silly in the wrong way. Joker is supposed to be scary and silly, but there's something just not scary about this version. The active portrayal will make the difference.

Yet another study finds no link between autism and vaccines. But anti-vaxxers are beyond logic, now.