Saturday, April 11, 2015

The week in review

I really like having a new laptop... it means I can visit websites quickly, which gives me surprisingly more time to get stuff done, which means I have more effective computing time. I was actually clicking on a link, going off and playing with the cat, eating, doing household chores or playing on the iPad Mini, and hoping by the time I got back, the website had loaded enough for me to copy the link for my blog. It was just taking way too long, so I pretty much stopped blogging. And the iPad is just no fun for visiting websites to blog them. So having a fast computer again is nice.

Anyway, I've been sick the past week with a nasty cold, probably the con crud from Emerald City Comicon. I've been able to post many of my Cosplayer photos over the last week, which has saved me from having to think about blogging while I was sick. I still have about 80 photos to post... just of cosplayers. Here's links to the posts so far:

I also wrote about the con for work: My escape from reality... and then I wrote about being sick: Cold season hitting me hard this year. Aside: I just want to say, it took moments to load my work articles on this new computer. My old computer had reached the point where it would not open the newspaper's website at all.

Work has been busy, and it is always way more difficult when you are sick. I had a brief moment of difficulty on Monday when my desire to go home and get chicken soup conflicted with the editor changing something last minute that needed my approval. I was... upset is too light a word, but that's what I'm going with. It was not handled well by me. After that incident, I was a little more careful and forced myself to rest even when I wanted badly to get up and do something. I ran out of breath even just sitting on the floor playing with the cat.

One of my assignments last weekend was to cover two Easter events in the Lower Valley. I was at Grandview's annual Easter egg hunt and got two temporary tattoos, one on the back of each hand. The one on my right hand didn't last the day, probably because the kid applying it didn't wait long enough, but the one on my left hand stayed until yesterday. I think I need to hit the dollar store and see if they have any temporary tattoo designs I like. I kind of enjoyed having it for the week.

I also got to see the Reptile Man again this past Tuesday. I was still feeling sick, but I got some good photos. After that, I still had to get baseball photos, and although I felt horrible, I still managed well enough that I got compliments on what I took from the boss, which is always nice.

On Tuesday my story about the new local frame shop also ran in the paper. Imagine my delight when I saw on Facebook that the owner had framed the article.

I've been framed!

Some time ago I was asked by the author of a book I reviewed a long time ago to read his new book and provide a cover blurb. I was honored to do it, and found the book (in a PDF galley) to be as excellent as the first. I wrote what I hoped was an appropriate blurb and e-mailed it off to him. I wasn't sure if I expected to ever get a response besides his thank you. Well, a woman came in with a review copy for the newspaper and it ended up on my desk this week. I was happy to see my name on the back:

My bit is the middle paragraph there... wow. I've been blurbed...

The book is available at Amazon if you want a copy.
It's a pretty good read, a mix of poetry and prose.

You can get a copy of Migrant Earth on Amazon, and his first book of poetry is available through Village Books if you want to support an independent bookstore. I'd like to get a copy of Migrant Earth for myself. For the moment I'll settle for reading the newspaper's copy. I have to write a review of it for next month, which shouldn't be too hard. I've already read it once...

In other work news, I had three assignments yesterday to tackle. I managed the one at the assisted living facility without too much trouble, although I did set off the alarm when I tried to leave... oops. I had a baseball game next and enjoyed that. It was at Sunnyside Christian High School, and they played a solid first inning... enough for me to get plenty of good shots before I left. The tough job was leaving my nice comfortable house again and going to a soccer game in the evening. I stayed for the first half. The light was horrible for photos, so I don't know if anything I took came out. I was shooting into the setting sun for the first 20 minutes, and then under stadium lights for the rest of the half. I actually enjoyed what I saw of the game. The SHS team is really good, and when they play you can see the beauty of soccer when it's played well and passionately. Being practically out on the field also helps a little in my enjoyment of the game. I can hear the players shouting instructions to each other. I nearly got hit by the ball twice, but managed to step aside.

The temperature dropped rapidly last night once the sun was gone, so by the end of the first half I felt like I was being beaten up by the cold and by the bedraggled remains of my illness. I got home and just crashed, physically and emotionally. I think I slept almost 12 hours. I had bizarre dreams that refused to make sense. I've been up a few hours. Hubby-Eric and I got both the cars washed at a charity car wash, had lunch at the charity car wash, and now I'm resting and blogging like I haven't blogged in years.

Cosplay photos will return on Monday. It should take me four more posts to finish with the cosplay photos. I hope you all enjoy them. If you like me blogging, let me know. I'll try to get back into the habit.