Thursday, May 28, 2015

Response to Buzzfeed...

I have no idea why I just wrote this, but hey... These are actually pretty good questions. Here's my answers.

1) I stopped adding ice to my drinks after a visit to Washington D.C. in which every drink was basically ice with a tiny bit of whatever I'd ordered. If I said "no ice" then I actually got to drink something.

2) I use them a little, but I'm not sure what over-usage this is referring to. I like reusable containers to carry stuff.

3) I love the metric system and wish we would switch over to it, because it makes MUCH more sense.

4) Bite-sized, I guess. Mostly, I'm not that into cupcakes.

5) I used to wear cycling pants designed to keep my legs warm when I commuted. I never looked like a racer, nor did I try.

6) I guess people would say it's all about allergies and protecting people. Personally, I don't have too much of a problem with people taking animals around with them as long as they clean up after the animals if there's an accident.

7) It's called a lack of money for infrastructure. If we actually invested in infrastructure, we'd see better results with public transportation, and people would use it more and we'd have less of a problem with traffic and all that AND it would be on time. But that would require spending money to help others, and we no longer do that.

8) I'm not scared of germs. Most germs. There are a few I'd rather not meet, but overall, I'm not one of those folks who does the anibacterial soap constantly.

9) The AC works best when it's set at a fairly high temperature so the difference is not numbing when you enter a building. I have mine set to a high temp except when we have lots of guests, then it's a matter of allowing the AC to keep up with the crowd.

10) I wish this wasn't a thing. I really don't want to see 99% of the guys who think it's ok to run around shirtless.

11) I'm not. I'd rather walk.

12) Because the puritans who decide public policy want to make sure no one underage EVER has access to alcohol. Ever. Because that would be wrong.