Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Jun 10th
  • Earth 2 Society #1 - A slightly promising start with some mysteries left unresolved while setting up new ones. I'm a little surprised at how many people survived, and was glad to see the single panel with Atlanteans. I hope we see a little more of them in the future.
  • Arrow: Season 2.5 #9 - This is a nice little set-up of revenge and Oliver's family's past catching up with him. I am still a bit put off by the fact that this series is so out-of-continuity in so many ways, but on the other hand, the pieces all seem to fit together nicely. Only three more issues of this series to go.
  • Secret Wars 2099 #2 - The recap at the beginning of this issue makes Secret Wars sound like Convergence on steroids. Or maybe it was the other way around. Whichever, I don't like this version of Captain America's weakness, and most of the other characters don't interest me, but it's not awful. Mostly.
  • Doctor Who 10th #11 - Retro-regeneration? That's not something I remember seeing before. Anyway, I swear something nasty is going to happen to Gabby's friend before all this is out. And I really am curious who this Cleo person is. Fun start to a story.
  • Rebels #3 - Almost no action in this one, it's basically the fallout from the last event told in conjunction with another story from the main character's youth. I'm not really sure that the story lends itself to the finale, and I'm not sure how it all fits together. I wonder if it'll work better once the rest of the story is published.
  • Spongebob Comics #45 - Very much the usual nonsense. One story is told twice from different points of view, which is nice. No Mermaid Man in this one, so it was just ok, not great.
  • Jun 17th
  • Justice League of America #1 - Well, I'd call it an interesting start to a new story, but I'm not really sure yet. I did like the bits of Aquaman talking to the UN, though I'm less impressed with the rest of the story.
  • Sinestro #12 - As Soranik is my favorite Green Lantern character, this is actually a story I like more than I expected. But I'm not exactly happy to see her wearing the yellow. And, did he put it on her other hand?
  • Harley Quinn & Power Girl #1 - Going into this book, I knew exactly what I was expecting... and that's exactly what I got. Goofiness and bad jokes served with a heaping portion of insanity. All of it both funny and disturbing. Chief Science Cat Groovicus Mellow? Wow.
  • Teen Titans Go #10 - Hypnotic specs, but you would think Beast Boy would know better than to gel gurz ba Enira. The second story was a pathetic twist on the "heroes must fight each other" plotline, but at least the ending was slightly amusing.
  • Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #12 - Almost enough Aquaman in this one to make me happy. I enjoyed the fact that his people were able to fight off the mind control a bit like Hawkwoman's. And I have to admit I love the steampunk design of Gaslight Aquaman. Good stuff.
  • Astro City #24 - Well, I wasn't sure there could be a solution to his problem. How do you protect your bandmates and yet be able to play at the same time? I thought the solution was surprisingly elegant, if a little strange. Another fun issue.
  • Doctor Who 9th #2 - Rose is sure lucky, isn't she? Cvpxf hc n oenpryrg ba na nyvra fuvc gung whfg unccraf gb fnir ure yvsr. I really enjoy the cover art on the main covers in this series. Oh, and the story is turning interesting, too. The Squidward joke was amusing, especially how well it fits.
  • Doctor Who 11th #13 - I kind of expected that when/if ARC and the entity finally hooked up, they'd stay together and heal. Apparently that's not how it works.
  • Usagi Yojimbo #146 - Poor Usagi, between two very capable women. Trying to keep them from each others' throats would be a full-time job at the best of times.
  • Fiction #1 - Well, that's different. And yet, very similar to many other types of things. I am curious to see how this one develops and how the parents were involved in causing these events, because that beginning really argues for the parents being the ones at fault.
  • Tales of Honor: Bred to Kill #1 - This is SO MUCH better than the first series, it's not even funny. The first mini was based on the books and tried way too hard to be slavish to the books, crippling its effectiveness as a comic book. It's a different media! Allow it to be different. This comic takes the advantages of the media and uses them. It works. The art is suited to the story, I think, and the humor works. I love the choice of characters... and the decision to limit the people in the story so we can get to know them better. Overall it's very good, and I'm hoping the quality stays high on this book.
  • Spongebob Comics Annual Giant Swimtacular #3 - How brutally unkind, to have Ramona Fradon work on the issue but NOT draw the Mermaid Man story! Ah well, at least there was a Mermaid Man story in this one, even if he was a bit of jerk in it.
Please note, I'm using Rot13 for spoilers. Google it if it isn't obvious to you.