Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Some moments...

Driving home from a neighboring city I looked at the sky and swear the moon looked like it had been badly photoshopped into the sky... I could even see the spots where the blur tool was used to try to blend it into the sky. Then I noticed a star/planet in the sky that appeared to be on top of the clouds. Clearly another bad photoshop job!

Earlier today we heard a call come over the scanner and listened, since we sometimes run out ambulance chasing. It was a call from the fire district requesting police help in stopping a car on the freeway that was apparently on fire. The car was a red Outback (I think) with several people in it and flames coming from under it. We heard several officers setting themselves up to stop the car if they spotted a flaming red car... but nothing. None of them spotted it, and when they headed back along the freeway no one saw it. Perhaps it was a false alarm.