Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hugos Packet

The standard packet for this year's Hugo Awards is out now at the convention website. I have already read all five novels, so I'll just be skimming each to remind me before I vote.

For the rest, my plan for this year is considerably different than last year. First off, if it was published by the lead rabid puppy's vanity publishing house, I will not read it and leave it off my ballot. If it was put on the ballot by the rabid puppies and the creator was actively happy about being slated, I will not read or look at it and I will leave it off my ballot. I will also not read or put on my ballot any work by any creator who uses the term "Social Justice Warrior" as an insult. Last year I gave every entry a try. This year I will not, because of how much crap I had to read last year to find the very rare gems.

I will put "No Award" at the bottom of every ballot that is not filled with actual worthy choices, like last year.

To make my decisions on what to look at, I'll be using the slate report at File 770 and Spacefaring, Extradimensional Happy Kittens' reaction report. Honestly, it's not going to be easy. Some of the writers are weasel-y, some were involved in the sad puppies but don't like the rabid puppies and some are just having a "gay old time" with the entire thing, to quote The Flintstones. However, eliminating anything involved with Castalia House makes the list considerably more manageable, which I will need once MidAmeriCon II releases the Retro-Hugo packet.