Thursday, May 19, 2016

Patreon Thoughts

I very much like the idea of Patreon. It allows people to support their favorite creators directly, becoming literally a Patron of the Arts, and provides that money (minus a 5% fee from the website) to help support people who want to create.

I was thinking about this last night as I read Namesake until 3:30 a.m. The creators of that worthy Oz-related webcomic have a Patreon account, and I would absolutely throw in money if Eric and I were in a better financial place.

Another one of my favorite artist/writers, Ursula Vernon also has an account. Again, if I were in a better financial situation, she'd get something from me.

Other great creators like Brad Guigar, Tom Siddell, Shawn Lenore and Gordon McAlpin also take advantage of the system. Unshelved, Wasted Talent and BattlePug have accounts.

It seems to work best for people who already have a large following and hope that they can get some support. The best folks still provide everything for free to all users, but might provide early access to supporters, or sometimes sketches and such that they normally wouldn't have posted.

I do not have a large following, nor do I suspect that this would get me any money at all, but I still have this irrational urge to start my own Patreon account and see if anyone cares enough about my blogs and websites to bother supporting me. I looked through a lot of accounts and saw a few people making enough to live on, but most people are making $50 or less a month. Still, $5 a month would buy bread and milk. And maybe people would support me giving out Halloween comics again someday. My IndieGoGo campaign was a serious pain in the butt, so I know I don't want to try that again.

But, deep down, I have no desire to benefit from Patreon. I want to be a Patron, and give to my favorite creators.

So, what do you folks, my readers, think of Patreon? Any of you on it as either a Creator or Patron? What's it like?


Jay said...

I support two Patreon campaigns: John Troutman and a podcast I listen to.

I have thought perhaps I could start a Patreon campaign, but I'm not sure what I could offer to make it worthwhile for listeners as most stuff I make I post as soon as it's ready.

Tegan said...

I don't think the point it offering anything special. I think the point it to allow people to support the work you are already doing. Some people can't afford anything, but some folks will be able to kick in a little. So if you were to do a Patreon account, you would keep doing exactly what you are doing only Patreon would serve as a "tip jar" if people want to support you.