Sunday, September 04, 2016

I had a very strange dream last night...

I generally don't like posting about dreams, because they are usually really boring to other people. But I'll make an exception, just to record this one for myself. We've had houseguests over for "Androcon" - our Doctor Who club's annual visit to Eric and I here in the middle of nowhere. It's been non-stop watching Doctor Who, movies and funny videos supplemented by tons of food.

As usual, I'm a bit anti-social throughout it all, retreating to my room upstairs during most of the action and just listening to the talking and the videos. Inkwell has been terrified this time, staying upstairs with me, either under my chair or next to it. Although he bit me pretty hard yesterday when I tried to play on my computer when he needed to reassurance and comfort skritches.

On Friday I drank some soda pop and had chocolate and, clearly, managed to exceed my caffeine limit. I ended up with a migraine on Saturday and had to spend a couple of hours with a pillow covering my eyes and Inkwell sniffing me every once in awhile to make sure I was still alive. I slept after the worst of it wore off, then came down and participated in the party a bit in the evening.

I didn't go to sleep until about 1:30 a.m., after making up for lost internet time and playing DC Universe Online for a bit. Then I wandered into a dream that was... I'm not even sure how to describe it.

I existed in the expanse of time when the Earth was being created and populated, and I was assigned the task of creating creatures to be on the North American continent. My requirements, intuitively understood, were that the animals had to be in balance with one another and some of them had to be of use to humans, who were coming later. I was enthusiastic about the task and set about creating fantastic creatures that were going to be just awesome. Humans were going to love my animals when they got to North America.

I can't remember most of my animals, but I remember three of them clearly. One was a kind of turtle with a ridge down the back, a bit like spikes but not so tall. It could, in a pinch, expel flame out its back. It was truly wonderful. I loved it. Another animal I created walked on two legs and was just big enough for a human to ride... think Taun Taun from Star Wars. It was a bit smaller and the head was completely different - I think it was like an alpaca head. I loved it. My third animal was the elephant. Yes. In the dream, I created elephants.

And I took my animals to show them off and - no, no, these won't do at all! We need squirrels! We're going to populate North America with squirrels. I was crestfallen, but since a few of my animals made it I wasn't sad. Until they said the elephants had to go. I argued for my elephants. They are majestic, I said. They can be used as beasts of labor by the humans, I said. They are wonderful. But no, they said North America wouldn't have elephants. Imagine my rage when I found out Africa was getting my beautiful elephants instead! And someone else was claiming they had made my elephants. And some other person stole the idea and used it in Asia. I was so angry!

I woke up in an absolute RAGE that my elephants had been stolen. For almost an hour after I woke up I was in a state of righteous indignation about my elephants being stolen even though I was fully aware that it had only been a dream.

In fact, I'm still a bit annoyed. I think perhaps I managed to get my elephants in North America after all, though, by developing Woolly Mammoths. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.