Tuesday, January 03, 2017

A Day Out

Despite the snow, my mother came out to visit with two of my sisters and a niece for my mother's birthday. The five of us packed into my sister's car and made a trip to Prosser to visit my mom's favorite fabric store (yes, she will travel across the state to visit a really good fabric store/quilt shop).

While my sisters and mother ooh'ed and aah'ed over fabric, my niece and I chatted about being non-fabric people. Then we headed back to Sunnyside to eat lunch at Bon Vino's Bistro and Bakery.

While I wasn't expecting any Christmas presents, Eric's parents sent a present home with him and my mother brought presents with her. I got some neat slippers from Eric's folks, while my little sister got me some very nice thermal socks. I guess everyone knows how cold my feet get?

My mom brought a bunch of presents in a bag "wrapped" with tissue. Inkwell really likes the tissue and has been joyfully playing in it since the strange people left. He was more than a little frightened when they first arrived, hiding under my bed from them. But he came out because he was curious and I carried him downstairs to get petted by each of the visitors, and he warmed up to them quickly.

Inkwell got a present - a little remote controlled mouse. I got it out this evening and ran it around the kitchen while Inkwell watched suspiciously, then he started to stalk it, and eventually started to attack it. I got to the point where I could almost attack him back with it, but decided to leave it for our daily play sessions. After all, he's got the tissue to play with right now.

My mother also brought various food items, including eggnog fudge, which I haven't tried yet. Eric's parent also sent him home with food - including some homemade bread and very strange organic smoothies that taste ok, but are very odd.

We also received a couple of calendars and totally amazing dalek pillow cases. Eric got some retro ray gun water guns, which may come in handy out here in the summer but aren't terribly useful at the moment. I also received a Crazy Cat Lady coloring book and some colored pencils, which looks like it shall be fun.

I also received a Mini Shark Puppet that I really wanted after I saw it on Facebook. Since it's made by my sis-in-law, that worked out well. I wandered around the house attacking Eric and Inkwell with it saying, "Yo soy un tiburón! Mi nombre is tiburón! Tiburón tiburón tiburón!" Eric rolls his eyes. Inkwell isn't sure whether or not to attack back.