Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Dec 19th
  • Green Lantern #15 - So, if these virus-things started on Earth, which is what seemed to happen when they first appeared, why isn't Earth a waste yet? The books are showing other planets wasted by them, you would think Earth would be first.
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #15 - Not liking what's happening there. Is this story almost over yet?
  • JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skill #1 - What was THAT supposed to be about?
  • Young Justice #23 - Interesting bit with M'Gann and the poor replacement for Aqualad. This book continues to suffer from a distinct lack of Aqualad.
  • Fables #124 - All Oz issue. Looks like it was all originally intended as backup stories. Fun. The narrator is really quite amusing.
  • Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation #8 - And so the Doctor saves the day with a little help from Worf and Rory. Only, he left the Borg with some ideas...
  • MacGyver: Fugitive Gaunlet #3 - The storytelling continues to improve as the series goes on. And I'm liking the story. There are moments that are so very MacGyver. Lots of fun.
  • Dec 26th
  • Justice League #15 - VULKO!!! YAY!!! *ahem* Well, I hate crossovers, and this is no exception. Sure, I like seeing a high profile Aquaman story, but I don't like these multi-part stories across books.
  • Aquaman #15 - Not quite the final splash I was expecting. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense that somebody would finally take the relationship between Aquaman and Ocean Master and make something more from it. Liking this.
  • Other - DCBS had shipping issues with this series, sending #3 before #2 and then sending #5 before #4. I waited and read them in order, and I'm not sure what week they originally shipped to everyone else.
  • Love and Capes: What to Expect #4 - Love the cover. I also enjoy the fact that Oriana goes to Abby for business advice. I also love how the interns terrorize the vandals. We need some interns out here for the same purpose.
  • Love and Capes: What to Expect #5 - Again, love the cover even if it gives away the main plot point. I also love how Abby goes coffee-crazy once in Mark's body. This is just a great book. Who would have thought a situational comedy based on the daily lives of superheroes could be so solid?

Agatha Christie this week was Sleeping Murder (1976). A young bride from New Zealand buys a home in England only to have disturbing visions of a murder in the house. I keep pushing off reading the last few Christie books in the vain hope that I can continue to enjoy being surprised for years to come. This book wasn't the best of her works, but it had some good moments. The always wonderful Miss Marple talked wonderful sense into the protagonist, which was nice. And while it was probably not a bad idea to have just let the situation go, I can understand why the girl wanted to figure it out. Yes, I was surprised, and yes, it fit perfectly once I read the reveal. Not much more to find now, just some short stories. Farewell to Christie.

Fortean Times #281
Fortean Times #281 (December 2011). Wow, what a cover! The article is about the artist of the cover, who apparently drew some pretty intense artwork about biblical catastrophe. I admit I found myself wanting to see more of John Martin's apocalyptic artwork than the tiny samples reproduced in the magazine. Neat stuff.

Strangedays has a few more follow-ups, always appreciated. There's a good little piece on how unlikely it is that Marco Polo actually traveled to China. There's also a bit about the Norwegian killer's claim that he was a Knight Templar. There's a piece on military dogs and their attachment to their handlers.

The Science article is about flat-earthers and experiments meant to prove that the world is flat. Archaeology talks about tunnels. Classical Corner tackles Shakespeare from another angle, and compares him with other playwrights. Ghostwatch is about violent ghosts. There are blue spiders in Alien Zoo, euww. UFO Files are varied this month.

There's an article about poltergeists that like to set fires, with the usual skepticism noting that the handwriting of the polt in the case investigated bears an definite resemblance to that of a child living in the home.

Another article covers a terrifying case of mass hysteria in Sri Lanka. Mostly terrifying because the place was a powder keg that needed only an excuse to turn into violence, in this case violent mobs hunting down anyone who resembled the feared monsters.

An article in the Forum provides a possible source for various "LSD in the water" rumors over the years. Apparently someone actually was testing the effect of LSD on fish, with the notion of getting rid of invasive species. It's complicated. But an article on the subject was actually published in 1964 in Sports Illustrated, which could be a source for the later rumors.

Reviews and letters great as usual, but no books added to my wish list. Good issue.