Sunday, July 16, 2017

More on Who

I can't help but think of the people afraid of the Doctor changing as being like Light in Ghost Light.

DOCTOR: But you evolve too, Light.
LIGHT: Nonsense!
DOCTOR: Of course you do. You change, adapt, all the time. Your attitude, your place, your mind. I mean, look at you now. You're no longer your original shape. And I don't think much about your catalogue. It's full of gaps.
LIGHT: All organic life is recorded.
DOCTOR: What about the gryphons, the basilisks? You missed the dragons, the bandersnatches. Then there are the slithy toves and the crowned Saxe-Coburg.
LIGHT: Where are these items?
DOCTOR: I can't think how you missed them. You have to complete the catalogue before you can destroy all life here.
LIGHT: Control?
DOCTOR: She's no use to you now. She's evolved as well.
LIGHT: No! All slipping away.
DOCTOR: All is change, all is movement. Tell me, Light, haven't you just changed your location?
LIGHT: Not yet.
DOCTOR: What's the matter, Light, changed your mind?
LIGHT: You are endlessly agitating, unceasingly mischievous. Will you never stop?
DOCTOR: I suppose I could. It would make a change.
LIGHT: Nimrod! I can rely on you. Assist me now.
NIMROD: I'm sorry, sir. My allegiance is to this planet, my birthright.
LIGHT: Argh! Everything is changing. All in flux. Nothing remains the same.
DOCTOR: Even remains change. It's this planet. It can't help itself.
LIGHT: I will not change. I'll wake up soon. No change.

Spoilers below the fold, sweeties... (just a round up of some of my favorite reactions)

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Eric TF Bat said...

I got the date wrong for the Eye of Harmony (The Deadly Assassin was season 14, 1976) but I'm still happy with this. You've got restricted HTML on, so you'll have to click to see the picture.