Thursday, November 16, 2017

Inkwell the Magnificent

There is something that Inkwell the cat does that I would love to get video of (since a still photo would never do it justice), but because of the circumstances it's impossible for me to record.

He did it to me again this morning.

I was waking up late after staying up until 2 am and he did a half-meow half-purr as he jumped up onto the bed. I was lying under the covers on my back, and he quickly made his way onto my chest, then started "tucking me in" by massaging the blankets in my neck area while purring EXTREMELY loud. I peeked up at him and his face was next to mine, purring away in wonderful bliss as he kneaded the blankets.

After a few minutes of this, I put my left hand up to pet him a little on the top of his head. He responded by rubbing up against my hand, directing me to the best places to rub. He wanted me to rub his jaw and behind his ear. Then he glanced over to where my other hand ought to be, so I hastily put it out and he rubbed up against that hand as well. Suddenly we were locked in a mutual moment of comforting each other. He was kneading me while directing my hands to the best places to rub him - mostly his jaw, behind his ears and on top of his head.

I'm not entirely sure how long that lasted, but finally he made a few murping meows and stepped off my chest, walking to the foot of the bed and looking back at me. I checked the clock and realized it was time to feed him. I got up and went downstairs with him at my ankles giving me what sounded like instructions all the way.

But I have to admit, for a short time there I truly felt completely in tune with Inkwell. He's been my owner for many years now, but this may be the first time I felt like we completely connected.