Wednesday, November 22, 2017

More Inkwell Tales

Last night as I was watching a documentary on Amazon Prime, I suddenly heard hubby-Eric yell - a growling yell he usually reserves for scaring Inkwell the cat - and then a number of loud thumps, as if he were deliberately pounding his feet as he chased Inkwell. The yelling and pounding continued, surprising me enough to pause my video and start to get out of my chair. But the thumps were coming up the stairs, so I waited. Sure enough, Eric popped his head in and said, "Inkwell has vanished!"

I was terribly bemused and unsure what to say, so hubby continued, "I chased him up the stairs and was about to chase him down again, then he just *poof* vanished!"

As I tried to figure out a response, hubby said, "Oh, there he is." and the chase continued.

I love my boys.