Sunday, August 05, 2018

A Sunday Comic Books Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Jan 17th
  • Aquaman #32 - It took a whole issue of talking and maneuvering, but finally Aquaman is doing what he ought to have done in the first place. I'm loving the intensity of his attack, but the set-up for that final splash has me wondering if he is, in fact, going it alone. Nicely done, and a great cliff-hanger. I have GOT to catch up with this book.
  • Justice League #37 - So they sort of set a trap for a fanboy who has already set a trap for them but what are they going to do with the fanboy, who isn't quite done, by that final splash page? I continue to be a little thrown off by the compressed storytelling. I was amused by Aquaman's look in this one. Clearly Bruce designed the costume.
  • Green Lanterns #39 - A happy ending to a difficult storyline. I like the idea of the people realizing they need to help the refugees even as they are being told to kill them... I wish it were not fiction. There's a set-up for a future storyline there, at the end, as well. Pretty good.
  • Bombshells United #10 - The price of immortality. This is going to have a sad ending, but at least they got more time with him.
  • Wonder Woman/Conan #5 - That is definitely not the end of the story, not with Conan left holding the Golden Lasso. But I'm not sure how this story can end, because it's really gotten wrapped up in itself. But, oddly, at least everything makes a sort of sense now.
  • Doctor Strange #384 - Ok, so let me get this straight. Stephen and Wong have got an immortal to pay the price for Strange's magic, while Loki is still trying to get into doors he really ought to be running as far away from as fast as he can? Nice. I'm not sure what The Void is, but I'm sure I'll learn.
  • Back To The Future #25 - Well, that was the end of the series. It wasn't entirely satisfactory in the sense that I'd love to see a lot more issues, but knowing the Time Train mini is also coming out eases the sadness at losing this. I did enjoy this title, and wouldn't mind seeing more.