Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ack! Wireless failure!

I got on my laptop this morning and... the wireless wouldn't work. I had a Code 10 on the Intel Wireless Ac 9560 card. So I attempted to fix it by disabling it, then re-enabling it. Then uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing. So I hooked up the ethernet to see if it was a complete network failure on the part of the computer. Ethernet worked fine. So, now that I had internet, I searched.

I found the answer in a Reddit thread, and would you believe I had to reset the BIOS to fix it? Apparently there's a Windows Update that made some sort of change somewhere that meant resetting the Wireless settings on the BIOS to Factory Defaults is the only way to get the wireless card to work again.

Of course, then I couldn't get into the BIOS thanks to Dell's overprotective system. You literally have a microsecond to hit F2. So I found this useful page which gives a method on Windows 10 computers to get to the BIOS that I never knew about. I didn't even know UEFI Firmware settings and BIOS were basically the same thing.

Anyway, my laptop is back in action after a half hour of stupidity. Thanks Microsoft for wasting my time.

Posted as a reminder if it happens again.