Thursday, September 06, 2018


Inkwell scared the snot out of me today.

As you know, Inkwell is an indoor cat. He gets very nervous at noises from cars and such, and when I've had him out on a leash for a short time, he's had the inclination to panic and run. Whenever anyone knocks on the door, he growls and runs upstairs.

Anyway, today we got a LOT of packages. One of them was my new security camera which I'm planning to install right outside the front door, looking down our walkway.

It isn't the easiest camera to set up... I had to unscrew bits just to put the micro-SD card in, but after several tries and a couple of frustrated growls, I managed to get the SD card into the camera and get the camera connected to our network.

With the camera in one hand and my phone in the other, I opened the front door and started to work on figuring out where I would need to position the camera to get the best view of the walk up to our door. I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye...

...Inkwell was happily walking across the yard, headed for the plum tree.

I panicked. I almost dropped both the camera and the phone, stopping myself at the last second to just set them down before going after my wayward cat. I was too scared to yell at him - I was afraid he'd take off running.

I managed to snag him before he got far and put him back in the house. THEN I yelled at him while I picked up my camera and phone and closed the door. He looked up at me and started grooming himself.

Clearly I need to think through how I'm going to figure out the positioning of the camera a little more thoroughly. Maybe Inkwell will get some undeserved locked-in-the-bathroom time.

In any case, I need to remember that Inkwell has a vet appointment tomorrow for his annual shots. I think I'll also have a little discussion about chipping him then.