Sunday, September 16, 2018

Various Thoughts

After the scare with Inkwell the other day, we decided to finally get him chipped. It was a mostly painless process. I had to take him in for his vaccinations and asked the vet about chipping. I learned it was only about $35 and the vet would be happy to do it, but maybe we should get Inkwell a little drowsy/painkilled first. So he gave me a medication to give to Inkwell the night before and the morning of the chipping. The night before, Inkwell realized there was something in his food and didn't want to finish it. I had to bribe him a little with treats that I let him smell, the put into the wet food. That night he was drowsy. He tried to "tuck me in" but kept falling asleep while he massaged me (he sits on my chest, usually right after I go to bed, and purrs loudly while massaging me). Eventually he gave up and wandered off.

The next morning, Inkwell was having NONE of it. He sniffed the food, then moved away and sat there glaring - at me, at the wall, at anything except the food. Eventually I got him to eat it, as it was food and Inkwell is part piggy when it comes to food. By the time of his appointment, he was drowsy and feeling no pain. I picked him up to put him in his carrier and he sort of melted in my hands. It wasn't his usual defiance, more of a 'I can't be bothered' feel. Once in the carrier, he huddled in the back and made only one weak protesting meow on the way to the vet. I decided against going in to see the chipping, because they had described "a large needle" and I had enough trouble watching him get his vaccinations. He came out looking fine, and the vet said he was perfectly behaved. No problems. He barely even bled.

He's recovered now, but for a very short time it was disturbing to see him so limp and sleepy. At least he's chipped so hopefully if he manages to get outside again he'll be quickly found and returned.


In other news, the security camera is working very well, but does have a few little quirks. The alarm checks for differences in light between seconds in the areas set to be watched, and that's enough that an insect flying right in front of the lens will set it off, as will a car driving by late at night with brights on, or, as I learned today, a quick change from sunny to cloudy. As the alarms aren't too frequent to stand, it's still a good cam and a fun toy as well as a nice little investment for security.


I'm just going to quote myself from Facebook: September 13 at 12:11 PM

Oh dear.

I'd heard of this, but I finally saw it in action myself for the first time. Pokemon Go nerdism coming up.

So in the game, you visit Pokestops. The locations of the Pokestops are usually historic markers, city buildings, churches... that sort of thing. Now, I know a lot about this city, so when I saw a Pokestop that said "Historic Windmill" I was confused. As far as I knew, there was no such thing.

After a pain-shortened walk this morning (only a half mile) I decided to hunt down this mysterious Pokestop. I had memorized the location on the map, so I headed out there and drove down the street. I parked, and opened the game, and there's the Pokestop. But I don't see any windmill.

I kind of sighed and took one last look, then drove a ways down the road to turn around. When I got turned around, I finally saw it.

It was a tiny windmill in somebody's yard.

Yes, it matched the photo on the Pokestop - which was clearly taken from below to make the windmill look bigger.

I spent the next few minutes laughing my guts out, then headed home. I don't plan on reporting it, since whoever managed to get it through their system did a good job with it. Nor do I plan to go out there again, since it's out of the way (which is probably why they did it).

I did make me wonder, though - If Eric and I were to build a TARDIS and put it in our yard, could we eventually get a Pokestop if we made it public enough? And would we *want* to do that?


DC Universe went live, and to my dismay the app won't run on my old iPad Mini. First world problems, of course. Eventually I should be able to get a new iPad. But in the meantime, if I want to watch DC Universe, I can't do it while playing DCUO easily.

I checked out some of the comics on DC Universe and was sad to see that, although they have some early More Fun Comics, the books are incomplete. I don't recall seeing any Aquaman stories in anything but More Fun #73, and it was the recolored version, not the original.

Still, the amount of video content they've got is very impressive, and I'm sure I'll get my money's worth out of it.


Speaking of More Fun Comics, I recorded an episode of the Fire and Water Podcast with Rob Kelly today. We talked about several issues of More Fun Comics, along with another Golden Age book. It should be released in about a week, so go check it out.


Lastly, I've been keeping up with my walking, as you can probably see from my Cameraphone Zen posts. Each post means at least a half mile walked that day. One day I got a half mile in, then later that night decided to walk around the neighborhood catching Pokemon. My Facebook post: "Long evening walk, catching Pokemon. I got 39 Pokemon, walked 1.4 km, and am sweating like nobody's business. And I feel great."

I've done the neighborhood walk a couple of times when I felt like I didn't get enough of a walk in downtown. If there were any Pokestops within a half mile of walk of my house, I would have started with those and worked up to walking downtown. I suppose it's just as well.

I can report that I now have visited all the gyms and almost all the Pokestops in this town. I also have at least a bronze badge at all the gyms (which just means I put Pokemon in them, or battled a raid in them, or something like that). I also have a gym badge from another nearby town, since we went there for cheap gasoline and groceries the other day.

I will be headed to Walla Walla on Wednesday for Adam West Day and pulled up the Pokestop map. I'm delighted to see that a museum I wanted to visit last year, but was closed on Adam West Day, will be open this year AND it has a gym. Yay, at least one new badge! The plaza where the opening ceremonies will take place also has a gym, so as long as we get there in good time, I'll have a little Pokemon hunting to do along with the Adam Westivities.


So, that's been my week. I hope yours has gone as well or better.