Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Sunday Comic Books Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Nov 21st
  • Three and a half StarfishAquaman #42 - Huh. A neat little tie-in to the boring and way too long Justice League story, in which Arthur, once again, explores his emotional well-being. I've read so many of these types of stories over the years, and this is probably one of the more interestingly framed versions. I'm not totally excited about it, but it isn't too bad. I just wish the crossover wasn't so long.
  • Three StarfishJustice League #12 - A very Aqua-centric issue, with Mera, Aquaman and Manta all getting lots of screen time. Sadly, the story is just boring me now, and I just want it to end. Oh, there's a bit of a turnaround here, but it's a few issues too late. I guess I've read too many Golden Age stories now to enjoy the severe decompression of modern comics.
  • Three and a half StarfishTeen Titans Go #31 - Origami... the dangerous art. I love it. The idea of paper beating rock in the Titans context is too amusing, remarkably stupid and wonderful. And hey, the second story had an Aquaman cameo, so all is well.
  • Three StarfishDoctor Strange #8 - He really is a piece of work, and it's nice to see someone tell him that to his face. I just feel sorry for Bats accidentally spilling the beans.
  • Four StarfishShuri #2 - As this has to fit into an existing canon of Shuri's adventures in the comics, there is a bit here that I don't quite understand. That said, what I did "get" I liked, and I want to see more of the ancestors and everything. Which may not happen right away, based on that wallop of a cliffhanger.


Tony Collett said...

It's a good thing you're behind in your comics reading, because DCBS is waaaaay behind on shipping. It's worse than when they tried to move down from Memphis.

/Hopefully they'll ship last weekend's books out tomorrow...

Tegan said...

I get monthly shipping, and my only worry is getting Previews in time to make the next month's order. But yeah, I'm more than a year behind now. Ug.