Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Kidney Saga part 82

My fainting spell on Saturday? Not low blood sugar. Low blood pressure.

My heart is finally getting back on track, and the medicine is now lowering my blood pressure so much that it's causing the opposite problems as before. On the one hand, I'm healing. On the other hand, adjustments have to be made. Thank goodness for the online contacts with my nurses and medical teams. I'm in constant contact and they figured it out. However, it will take a little time for the changes to take hold.

I was feeling great yesterday morning except for the back pain, which woke me early and kept me from getting in bed because it hurt so much to lay down. Sitting up wasn't so bad. But I actually felt pretty good. Then about 7:30am I felt very faint. I quickly went and checked my blood pressure because the nurse had suggested that on Monday after I reported Saturday's fainting spell. It was really low. So now I know, and we can tackle that issue.

Unfortunately, I had another fainting incident in the evening after dinner, and collapsed in my room. I hurt myself a little, banging my knee and making my back flare up worse. Eric managed to help me into my chair, but I totally destroyed the TV tray that I put my computer on. Fortunately I didn't kill my computer, phone or glasses - all of which were in the way when I fell. I am now carrying the blood pressure monitor with me to check before I try to get up and move. I wish I'd gotten batteries for it! Right now I still have to plug it in.

After this morning's dizziness, I got extremely tired again and felt the same fatigue from Saturday and Sunday. So it's not just a passing thing. I reported it to my cardiologist, who ordered me to lower my dosage on one of the main heart medicines. As I'm seeing the cardiologist today (another teledoc meeting via Zoom, yay! We don't have to drive to Richland!) I will hopefully get more guidance on the situation by the end of the day.

Yesterday I was hoping to get some cooking done, but that flew out the window with my back pain and fainting spells. So now I'm just trying to function while hurting. I'm up early again because of the back pain. It's very frustrating to take a step forward then feel like I've taken a couple of steps back. Still. I'm alive. I'm safe-ish. And while the world is crazy, at least I'm equipped to handle it.

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