Sunday, May 10, 2020

Kidney Saga part 93

I was wonderfully distracted yesterday by Pokemon Go's "community day" event which allowed me to participate entirely indoors.

It's silly, but having a minor gaming goal was nice. Gotta catch 'em all, and all that. Instead of having people out walking, the game gave sets of challenges. If you completed the challenges, you got a chance at the special Pokemon of the day. I did a lot of challenges, all of which were possible to complete from inside the house. It kept my mind off everything outside for a good long time.

As for my health, I was still bone-tired yesterday. I am healing, but so slowly I sometimes want to scream in frustration. I overdid food yesterday, eating way too much and causing some minor hyperglycemia, which I'm sure contributed to my exhaustion. Breakfast was an excellent baked pancake while Eric tried a new recipe for low-carb tacos for dinner - and I ate one too many. I really need to be more careful. Sadly, I'm also craving a chocolate shake. I did a search on low-carb shakes and pretty much all the recipes call for fake sugar, bleh. I really need to find one that actually tastes sweet to me or doesn't have a hideous aftertaste.

Inkwell continued his lap therapy, jumping up on me and insisting I stop all computing activities while he purred mightily into my stomach. I'm always amused when he slaps away the phone. He didn't slap away my comic books, though, and let me read quietly while he purred. His sessions are short, usually less than 10 minutes tops, but very comforting.

I did end up taking a nap yesterday, but also slept very well last night despite a couple of interruptions. Inkwell woke me this morning just before my alarm (which is set to remind me to weigh myself). It's another bright and sunny day here, with temperatures supposed to reach 80F and possible thunderstorms later in the day. I find it amazingly surreal to look at friends' Facebook posts showing snow where they are. The world is truly upside-down.

Today's plans include more reading, writing, and gaming. Possibly more purr therapy. Hopefully it will be a restful day.

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