Monday, February 16, 2004

Rapid Reviews - 11 February 2004 - Book Review

Zulu Heart by Steven Barnes: The is the second book in what I hope will become a series. The first book (Lion's Blood) was good, my review was positive. But I think this book managed to outdo the first. While Lion's Blood made me think, Zulu Heart made me feel. The attitudes that allow people to own slaves were foreign to me, I thought. But this book opened my eyes in ways I did not expect. I very much hope to see another book set in this world, as there were plenty of plot threads left open. I may even have to write a fan letter for this one. 4 1/2 starfish

Which brings me to an offer. I got a copy of Lion's Blood at a convention. By luck, I have a few more copies. I intended to give them out to people "eventually", but got delayed by the usual fun of real life. If you would like a copy of Lion's Blood and are willing to pay for the shipping, please e-mail me (make sure the subject line says either the name of this blog or Lion's Blood so I don't accidently delete it). Send me your mailing address, I'll send the book and you can send a check or something to cover the postage when you have time. I'll post an update when (if?) I run out of copies to send to people.