Thursday, April 22, 2004

Random Thoughts

Diebold apologizes about using illegal software for actual elections: "We were caught. We apologize for that," said Diebold Election Services Inc. president Bob Urosevich. Lovely. They're sorry they got caught. Via Hit and Run.

If you vote, request a paper ballot. If you cannot be provided with a paper ballot that will allow for recounts, you might as well assume that you are not being allowed to vote.

And apparently California has now decertified Diebold voting machines for the next election, meaning that, in California at least, Diebold cannot keep their promise of delivering the election to Bush. Now, lets see if other states wake up to the fraud that is Diebold and decert them too.

The Memory Hole filed a Freedom of Information request to get access to more images (mirror one, mirror two) like the one that lost Tami Silicio and her husband their jobs. After all, the government doesn't support freedom of the press when it might make them look bad (note: I dare you to look at those pictures and not be deeply moved by the respect shown to our fallen. If those images don't move you, you are a block of stone with no heart).

Here's a fair comparison of Kerry and Bush's military records. Via Washington Monthly. Personally I prefer Kos' comparison, but the one above is definitely more fair.