Thursday, April 22, 2004

Rapid Reviews - 21 April 2004 - Part I

Superman: Secret Identity #4: If Kurt had ended this any differently, I would have been disappointed. There were quite a few far more dramtic ways to end it, but none would have fit the tone and the style of the mini as well. I really enjoyed it, but there's nothing much to say about it. It was just one of those really satisfying reads. 4 starfish

Outsiders #11: Ouch. That had to sting. Except for Lian, who I like, this book just didn't do much for me. 3 starfish

Still to review: Batman Adventures and Astro City/Arrowsmith. And some other stuff. Like maybe a story by a fellow blogger, even. And maybe some more from the AIT/Planet Lar box.

And in other news: Ain't It Cool reviews Aquaman #15-17, and is mostly positive.

And yeah, I confess. I only posted the link to Ain't It Cool so I had an excuse to repost all three of the Alan Freakin' Davis covers published so far.