Monday, January 03, 2005

Bloggity Contest #1

Still working on last week's reviews, so I thought I'd post that promised contest instead. At the end of December, it seemed like every blogger was posting a giveaway book. I have had a book to give away for some time, but hadn't decided how to go about it yet. I finally came up with a contest idea based on some recent news and using the examples of other blogger contests.

The Prize: Colonia: Islands and Anomolies by Jeff Nicholson.

This copy was graciously donated by the ever-generous Larry Young, who didn't know I already had one. Since this is a great book that I'd love to share, the goal of this contest is to get it into the hands of somebody who'll appreciate it.

The Contest: Write a micro-essay, no more than 50 words, on why/how comic books are good for using as educational tools. The shorter the entry, the better, but please make your point. I'll be looking for a strong argument written in a witty style. The winning entry will be posted on this blog with the contest winner announcement.

Send your entries to with a subject line of Bloggity Contest #1. Include your name and your entry. I'll only ask for an address from the winner.

The deadline is my birthday, January 20th. If I have at least five entries by 9pm Pacific on that day, I'll declare the contest closed and pick a winner over the weekend.

Shipping issues: I'll ship free to anywhere in North America, but if you live a little further out, I may ask if you can help with the shipping costs. I apologize, but I've been burned shipping out of country a few too many times.