Monday, April 28, 2003


Information on the new season of Justice League. I'm looking forward to seeing Aquaman again. His appearance in the comic version of the series was very nice.

As a coin collector, even as casual one as I am, this news about the Nickel redesign is very exciting. I wish we Americans would change our coins a little more often (five times a year is too much, but every five years or so would be cool). I'm ever-so-mildly disappointed that the design will revert in 2006.

The latest find of WMD in Iraq turned out to be a bust, but there's some interesting facts about the people searching in this article (NY Times, might require registration). It seems that our teams searching for the WMD are understaffed and underequipped, and being asked to stick to an outdated list instead of following up on new tips. Alright already! Time to bring in some help! Call in new UN inspection teams. Let's find those things before they get shipped to other countries. If they actually exist.