Monday, January 10, 2005

Random Thoughts

The Invisible Library is a list of books that only appear in other books.

Way cool Online Etymology Dictionary. Look up a word whose origins you are unsure of...

Build your own LEGO computer cases. I think I know what my next computer case ought to be made out of... Via /.

Workplace Fairness has an article on the woman forced to wear makeup by her employer. It's absolutely ridiculous. Not only was she fired, she's been blackballed from the industry so she can't find a similar job. There's no permalink, so scroll to Jan 3rd's entry. Via MeFi. hunts down freeware that is also clean of ads or spies. Worth a look if your machine is really slow from massive infections of spyware.


While doing a test to see if dogs could tell the difference between a real dog and a robot dog, the robot dog is attacked. Via Boing Boing.

I saw it first on Boing Boing and decided not to link to it, but good ol' Neil Gaiman puts the firing of a long-time employee of a bookstore into a sharp focus. The guy was fired for blogging, and it sounds to me from Neil's description that the bookstore made a BIG mistake.

Here's a legal opinion worth reading.

Via MeFi: someone has taken the time to synch up before and after images of the Tsunami. These images give a much better idea of the devastation, this one in particular.

Lastly, I pulled out my list of comics shipping this week from Diamond, and here's what I should be reviewing in the next week and a half: Aquaman #26, Bloodhound #7, Batman Strikes! #5, Captain America & The Falcon #11, Marvel Age Fantastic Four #11, and The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty #6. JLA, JSA, and Green Arrow are also shipping, but I snagged them from the Preview package last week. Other items of interest that I spot on the shipping list include: Two Bits, the 25 cent book from Image; and Hero Squared X-Tra Sized Special #1 from Atomeka, written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, which I reviewed late last year.