Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sketchbook - Fred Hembeck

An interruption in my schedule this week, courtesy of Fred Hembeck, who responded to my enthusiasm over Mike Sterling's Swampy Sketch with the news that he had an idea for a gag for my blog. I was happy to get the package, and surprised to find a couple of cool "mixtapes" thrown in. Those I can't share, but the sketch I can share with you... so here it is:

by Fred Hembeck
March 2005
(permission to post given March 2005 via SnailMail)

To see all the sketches I have permission to post so far, check out my Sketchbook Page. If you have any contact information for any of the other artists I'm trying to contact, please e-mail me. Click for a random Aquaman sketch.

The Saturday Sketch ™ is brought to you by the letters "F", "H" and the number "90", and also courtesy the fine artists who pour their lives into producing wonderful comic books, then come to conventions only to get asked by geeky fangirls for a sketch of Aquaman. Support an artist, buy a comic book.