Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rapid Reviews - Manga Online

Takuhai Online is Tokyopop's new online magazine, and it features free previews of upcoming Manga projects along with some other content. I read all ten previews available, and here's my thoughts. First off, some of the stories did suffer from being presented online in a low resolution. There were some that I simply couldn't read, although it was a case of certain sections being unreadable, and not the whole Manga. Despite the problem, I think I managed to get the feel of each story. The excerpts were generous and usually ended in a cliffhanger of sorts. Very nicely done for preview material.

  • Bizenghast: A somewhat Gothic ghost story that doesn't quite fit in any category. I was a bit put off by the character designs, and I figure if I check out this book it will be literally... checked out from the library.
  • Dramacon: This was definitely the best of the lot from my point of view. Con newbie with boy trouble. It somehow managed to catch the feel of a con AND had a plot. This is one I would like to read.
  • I Luv Halloween: This one suffered from the low resolution. There were points that I couldn't follow the story because of it. It looked like it might be amusing, but it was also a bit creepy. I probably won't seek it out.
  • Juror 13: Clean art and nice mystery set-up made this one intriguing. I think I'd like to read it, but I can wait until it finds its way to the library.
  • Princess Ai: I really don't see what the fuss is about this book. The main character seems to be a boring self-absorbed twit, and there isn't enough of the bad guys to figure out what's going on. Then again, this one is the only one that starts on the second volume and not the first. I won't be seeking this one out.
  • Psy-Comm: Scienc fiction drama and adventure. I'm not feeling excited enough about it to want to buy it, but it would be a fun read from the library.
  • Sokora Refugees: Elves and naked schoolgirls. Fun fun fun. Surprisingly, this one doesn't look too bad. This one doesn't look good enough to buy, but I'll be impatient to see it show up at the library.
  • Sorcerers & Secretaries: Poor secretary who loves fantasy has to deal with the mundane world. And, as often happens in stories like this, the fantasy seems to be more than just her simple imagination. Another one I'll be impatient to see at the library.
  • Van Von Hunter: I think this is comedy. Not sure. Not interested.
  • War on Flesh: Zombie horror. Not interested.
So, out of ten, I liked one enough to be willing to buy it and five more enough to hunt them out from the library. That's not a bad ratio, all-told. And hey, they were free to try.