Monday, September 26, 2005

A Few Things...

First up... The Wiki is growing up! We've had our first vandal! Last night someone came through and changed a whole bunch of pages to say just "Hello" and nothing else. They also added a ton of pages that said nothing but "Hello". Luckily, David was right on it and blocked the vandal from doing more damage, then got all the vandalized pages back to normal, then started deleting all the new Hello pages. I just finished up deleting Hello pages this morning. I hope this is the last instance of vandalism, but I know that's probably a vain hope.

Johnny B tells us about the blogger screenings of Serenity. I haven't seen Firefly, so I'm not going to try to get to a screening, but it's a very neat idea to let bloggers come in as if they were regular reporters, especially since pop culture is what blogging may well be best suited for.

In completely unrelated news, I'm helping out Kathy with her blogger template, and I'd like some feedback from folks. If you'd pop over there (it's a political blog, but I'm not asking you to give feedback on the blog content, just the layout) and tell me if you see either of two problems:

  • Problem one is the banner at the top of the window. Is it showing clearly, or is it partially obscured by the Blogger navigation bar? Can you read the name of the blog?
  • Problem two is more tricky to spot. If you scroll down the page, do you notice lines disappearing from paragraphs?
I thought I'd fixed both problems, but I'm not certain, so I'd like a few other folks to check it out. The first problem was a matter of telling the template to clear everything that Blogger adds before showing the title banner. The second problem has to do with explicit "line heights" not working in Internet Explorer. I removed all instances of line height in the template, then added another fix that was suggested elsewhere, just in case.

If you spot either of the two problems, please leave a comment on this post, and let me know what kind of computer (OS) you are running and what browser. It would be a big help. (And if you don't notice either problem but still want to let me know, that may also help)