Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Random Thoughts

Armed Dolphins on the loose after the hurricane. They are armed with "toxic darts" designed to knock out enemy soldiers who may be performing sabotage on ships. The Navy isn't letting anyone know how many are loose or if they really are armed, but divers are in danger. Too bad Aquaman isn't around to help out. As I recall, there was a story about Navy trained dolphins in which Aquaman chews out a Navy official... guess they didn't listen.

Speaking of Aquaman, I'm going to have to get TV Guide this Thursday for the first shot of Smallville's Aquaman. And The Absorbascon continues his week on Aquaman.

Someone likes Dorothy so much that she wrote a song about it. Found via the comments at Dorothy of Oz.

Finder is apparently taking the Girl Genius route of three pages a week on the web, and annual collections. I think I was just saying the other day that I would like to see more comics take this route... I only hope that she'll put up the first issue/collection/few pages to give new readers some idea of what the book is about. That will help build an on-line audience (and it looks like she might).

It must be a bummer to need a flame transfusion.

Image Comics for December, and Marvel Comics for December.

Error in new Harry Potter movie has been fixed.

General Zod in 2008. What's truly terrifying is that reading it I thought it would be better than what we already have. At least SUV owners would be sent to the salt mines. Don't miss the kids page. Via Querldox and others.

There can be only one.

The secret shame of SPX. Excuse me while I giggle for a bit. Heh.

The Dog Flu and what to do to protect your pet.

MetaFilter links to criticism of the Red Cross.

No, Seattle isn't protecting rats. It was a sign prank.