Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hippos Can Perch

So, a recent episode of JLU (which I haven't yet seen, argh!) had a character named "Devil Ray" that was clearly based on Black Manta. Over on Usenet, Dwayne McDuffie said: "We didn't receive permission to use Black Manta, so we changed him into something close." When another poster asked why they were able to use Aquaman, then, but not Black Manta, Dwayne McDuffie replied: "Have you seen Aquaman on the show this season? No? Remember when he used to be in the show's title sequence?" Things that make me go "hmmmm..."

Alan Kistler's profile of Aquaman.

I mentioned Finder, but didn't link to the website. Corrected.

Giant Squid caught on camera! More here and here.

The 2006 Seattle 3-Day will be happening August 25-27. I will not be walking. Maybe I'll be a Walker Stalker.

I want one. Maybe by the time I need a new computer, I'll be able to afford one, and it'll have more disc space, as well. Via FilkerTom.