Thursday, September 29, 2005

Looking Back (part 2)

So I got a response from the Seattle Public Library. There is nothing in the archives of the Seattle Times or Seattle PI about busing in Renton due to overcrowding. I was surprised at first, but then I remembered that it was nearly 30 years ago, and life really was different back then. It's not so surprising that the problems of the suburbs didn't make the Seattle papers. There is also the matter of the way the newspapers were indexed by the library... specific schools were not mentioned in the indexes, and that's my biggest key to finding out why the busing happened.

In any case, the librarian assigned to the case found a couple of possible starting points for me, one of which might be what I'm looking for except for the date being three years too early. She also invited me to come on up and do a search myself, which I pretty much intended to do all along.

It seems strange to me that something that had such a huge impact on my life isn't even important enough to be in the papers.

The other suggestion was to check in with the Renton libraries. I think I will. Just starting this search has put a few demons to rest, maybe if I see this through I'll get rid of all the bad memories... or at least put them into a context that allows me to deal with them better than just trying to forget.

How very odd to be looking at my life as a history project.