Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rapid Reviews - Manga Online

Takuhai Online, for September 2005. Here's August and July.

  • A Midnight Opera, V1Ch2: More intriguing than the first installment, this one shows... sort of... what kind of creature we are dealing with. The final few pages are particularly fascinating.
  • Bizenghast, V1Ch3: This has developed into a quest book, with the main character forced to perform a quest each night. It's like a turn of the century (last century) children's book in that way, and that's not a bad thing.
  • Dramacon, V1Ch3: This one I eagerly look forward to each month. I'm going to have to get this one when it comes out. Excellent, the best of the bunch by a longshot.
  • I Luv Halloween, V1Ch3: This makes no sense. And it's depressing.
  • Juror 13, V1Ch3: Nice clean artwork in this one, and a mystery that we're beginning to get more of a hint about. I'm glad the main character isn't completely clueless, though. I was beginning to wonder.
  • Mail Order Ninja, V1Ch1: BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!
  • MBQ, V1Ch2: Pointless and ugly.
  • Off*Beat, V1Ch2: If I'd been able to read the first installment of this one, I might have a better idea what's happening in this one. As it is, it looks interesting, but I'm not sure what is going on.
  • Princess Ai, V2Ch3: people like this?
  • Psy-Comm, V1Ch3: Interesting take on media coverage in this one, with the corporations intent on making sure the newsmakers are wearing the clothing with higher margins. Freaky book, but I'm liking it.
  • Shutterbox, V3Ch2: very very odd. Better than the first installment, which was just a long essay on Gothiness. Apparently the story is actually starting here, although, since it's volume three, it's obviously not really starting here. Eh. It's odd.
  • Sokora Refugees, V1Ch3: Either this story is not being told in a straight line, or there is a lot missing from the previews. It makes no sense. I can't figure out what is happening. And to make matters even worse, the resolution on this installment makes it hard to read. Ug.
  • Sorcerers & Secretaries, V1Ch3: More problems with reading some of this one. Maybe my eyes are going. I just can't read some of the text as small as they make it. Still, I really like this one. I'm enjoying the story.
  • Van Von Hunter, V1Ch3: I suppose some people might find this funny. I'll stick with Nodwick.
  • War on Flesh, V1Ch3: Zombie horror. Still not interested.
A fun batch this month. Sorry it took me so long to report on them. Next month's should be up in a few days.