Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rapid Reviews - 21 September 2005 - Part III

I'd like to point out that although I got Dorothy IV as a review copy, I also bought a copy which arrived in my store the same day. I decided to give the book its own review for two reasons: Because they sent me a copy and, more importantly, because I had a LOT more to say about this issue than previous ones. And now, on with my regularly scheduled capsules...

Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #0: We got the Preview when it came out, and based on the detail in that one we had no problem buying this. It's clear that the writers know their Oz... although one major Ozian fact is overlooked in order to fit the concept of the book. There is a short preview story and a bunch of extras in this issue. The sketchbook gives a bit more detail on some of the characters, and there are six pages of script from the upcoming mini. A nice little book, but I wish the mini would start already! Wiki. 3 starfish

Conan #20: "The Tower of the Elephant": Busiek and Nord tackle one of the more interesting Conan stories and do their usual cracking job with it. I really don't have a lot to say about this except I can hardly wait to see the rest of this tale as adapted by this team. Wiki. 3 starfish